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Shopify Stores in United States (US)

This is a comprehensive report on Shopify Stores in United States. We will provide you with information on these stores from many different angles, from distribution by category, number of products sold, growth, backlinks strength (SEO difficulty), popularity of stores, usage of social media, technology/apps usage and many others.

Update March 2022: we are migrating our data to new database and will finish it by the end of March 2022.

Top Verticals / Categories for Shopify Stores in United States

We follow a modified Google Product Taxonomy for classifying Shopify Stores into respective categories. Each store is categorised into 3 Tiers using a machine learning model developed by our platform www.productcategorization.com. The number of Shopify Stores in each Tier 1 category can be found in the following table (for United States):

Most common tags used by Shopify Stores in United States

We have developed a machine learning model for automated generation of (up to 100) tags for each product name. Addition of product tags to your website can lead to better rankings and thus more visits from search engines. The reason for this is because tags better define your content for search engine algorithms. We have generated tags for millions of products sold by shopify stores. Here is a selection of more popular tags found for products sold by Shopify stores in United States (full list on per category/vertical level is available with subscription to our plans):

If you want to use our tag generation solution for your own online stores, please visit our website www.producttagging.io.

Growth of Shopify Stores in United States - number of starts by quarter

We are using whois information and other supplementary data services to determine the launch date of each store. Data for last 4 quarters are only available with subscription to our plan (see pricing for more information). The following table shows the number of starts of new shops per quarter (for United States):

Quarter Number of stores started in Quarter
2021-Q1 9337
2020-Q4 7991
2020-Q3 8446
2020-Q2 7669
2020-Q1 4204
2019-Q4 3219
2019-Q3 2930
2019-Q2 2607
2019-Q1 2681
2018-Q4 2019
2018-Q3 1833
2018-Q2 1621
2018-Q1 1569
2017-Q4 1319
2017-Q3 1227
2017-Q2 1136
2017-Q1 1154
2016-Q4 871
2016-Q3 898
2016-Q2 724
2016-Q1 679
2015-Q4 570
2015-Q3 524
2015-Q2 486
2015-Q1 516
2014-Q4 378
2014-Q3 331
2014-Q2 352
2014-Q1 365
2013-Q4 274
2013-Q3 319
2013-Q2 275
2013-Q1 280
2012-Q4 210
2012-Q3 219
2012-Q2 179
2012-Q1 202

Cumulative number of Shopify Stores by quarter in United States

Another interesting table that shows popularity of Shopify Stores is the cumulative number of stores in each quarter in United States:

Quarter Cumulative number of stores by quarter
2012-Q1 202
2012-Q2 381
2012-Q3 600
2012-Q4 810
2013-Q1 1090
2013-Q2 1365
2013-Q3 1684
2013-Q4 1958
2014-Q1 2323
2014-Q2 2675
2014-Q3 3006
2014-Q4 3384
2015-Q1 3900
2015-Q2 4386
2015-Q3 4910
2015-Q4 5480
2016-Q1 6159
2016-Q2 6883
2016-Q3 7781
2016-Q4 8652
2017-Q1 9806
2017-Q2 10942
2017-Q3 12169
2017-Q4 13488
2018-Q1 15057
2018-Q2 16678
2018-Q3 18511
2018-Q4 20530
2019-Q1 23211
2019-Q2 25818
2019-Q3 28748
2019-Q4 31967
2020-Q1 36171
2020-Q2 43840
2020-Q3 52286
2020-Q4 60277
2021-Q1 69614

Social Media Use by Shopify Stores from United States

Social Media is an important source of visits for the online stores. We have analysed how many stores have Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and/or Twitter contacts on their website (if you subscribe to our plans, you can get social media/contact info for each of our 1+ million stores that we track). Results of our analysis are shown in the following table:

Social Media Number of stores with social media contact
facebook 318352
instagram 371940
linkedin 5482
twitter 113778
youtube 10228

Email Use by Shopify Stores from United States

Email is used by 72642 Shopify Stores in United States.

Phone Use by Shopify Stores from United States

Phone is used by 25926 Shopify Stores in United States.

Domain extension use by Shopify Stores from United States

If you are setting up a new online store and are unsure which domain extension should you use, you can check out our statistics below on which domain extensions are most popular in United States.

Domain extension Number of stores with domain extension
.com 342034
.net 7211
.co 6619
.shop 5778
.org 3609
.store 3222
.us 3079
.online 578
.biz 467
.com.co 393
.info 331
.life 257
.ca 256
.nyc 254
.art 225
.me 218
.io 215
.co.uk 215
.la 201
.boutique 176

Shopify Stores from United States with Best Tranco Rank

For estimates of online stores popularity we use research-oriented top sites rankings from Tranco (Tranco research paper). Listed below are some of the most popular shopify stores from United States, according to Tranco Ranks.

Domain Tranco Rank
spigen.com 7238
colourpop.com 9902
radioshack.com 13609
modcloth.com 14089
aloyoga.com 15448
kith.com 15637
allbirds.com 17130
smosh.com 23828
august.com 24103
ruggable.com 24119

SEO Difficulty (backlinks) - Distribution of Shopify Stores with respect to Open Page Rank (measuring SEO difficulty) from United States

One of the most important factors for ranking a website on search engines is its backlink profile. We use open-source Open Page Rank as the measure of backlinks strengths of individual domains. Listed below is distribution of online stores over different Open Page Rank intervals. If you want to know which verticals/categories in United States are the least difficult ones in terms of backlinks and SEO, please subscribe to our plans.

Open Page Rank interval Number of stores in Open Page Rank interval
0-1 86923
1-2 19048
2-3 17304
3-4 6786
4-5 834
5-6 4
6-7 0
7-8 0
8-9 0

Number of products sold by Shopify Stores in United States

An important information about a store is the number of products it sells. In the table below you can find distribution of online stores in terms of the number of products that they offer on their website.

Number of product range Number of stores in product number range
0-50 329986
50-100 90414
100-150 41538
150-200 24786
200-250 16342
250-300 11822
300-350 8750
350-400 6906
400-450 5880
450-500 4976
500-550 3988
550-600 3208
600-650 2998
650-700 2652
700-750 2330
750-800 1996
800-850 1784
850-900 1644
900-950 1622

Tranco Rank distribution for Shopify Stores in United States

Tranco Rank is a measure for popularity of websites (for more information see Tranco research). In the table below you can find how many online stores are in different Tranco Rank ranges. If you subscribe to our plans, you can see which Verticals/Categories are most popular for online stores in United States.

Tranco Rank range (lower rank is better) Number of stores in Tranco rank range
0-100000 124
100000-200000 217
200000-300000 297
300000-400000 373
400000-500000 365
500000-600000 351
600000-700000 384
700000-800000 388
800000-900000 382
900000-1000000 441