Shopify Hardware Stores in Latvia (LV)

This is analysis of Shopify Hardware Stores in Latvia.
Update March 2022: we are migrating our data to new database and will finish it by the end of March 2022.

Number of Hardware Shopify Stores in Latvia

There are currently 28 Hardware Shopify Stores in Latvia. Check out the distribution of stores over all Tier 2 main verticals/categories in Latvia:

Category Number of stores
Apparel & Accessories 107
Home & Garden 71
Hardware 28
Sporting Goods 25
Health & Beauty 24
Food, Beverages & Tobacco 19
Electronics 17
Toys & Games 16
Luggage & Bags 7
Business & Industrial 7
Animals & Pet Supplies 6
Baby & Toddler 5
Office Supplies 5
Arts & Entertainment 5
Media 3
Cameras & Optics 2
Furniture 2
Mature 1
Software 1
Religious & Ceremonial 0
Vehicles & Parts 0

Growth of Hardware Shopify Stores in Latvia - number of starts by quarter

We are using whois information and other supplementary data services to determine the launch date of each store. Data for last 4 quarters are only available with subscription to our plan (see pricing for more information). The following table shows the number of starts of new shops per quarter (for Hardware Stores in Latvia):

Quarter Number of stores started in Quarter
2020-Q3 1
2020-Q2 1
2019-Q4 1

Cumulative number of Hardware Shopify Stores by quarter in Latvia

Another interesting table that shows popularity of Hardware Shopify Stores is the cumulative number of stores in each quarter in Latvia:

Quarter Cumulative number of stores by quarter
2019-Q4 1
2020-Q2 2
2020-Q3 3

Social Media Use by Hardware Shopify Stores from Latvia

Social Media is an important source of visits for the online stores. We have analysed how many stores have Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and/or Twitter contacts on their website (if you subscribe to our plans, you can get social media/contact info for each of our 1+ million stores that we track). Results of our analysis are shown in the following table:

Social Media Number of Hardware stores with social media contact
facebook 21
instagram 19
linkedin 5
twitter 5
youtube 0

Email Use by Hardware Shopify Stores from Latvia

Email is used by 8 Hardware Shopify Stores in Latvia.

Phone Use by Hardware Shopify Stores from Latvia

Phone is used by Hardware Shopify Stores in Latvia.

Domain extension use by Hardware Shopify Stores from Latvia

If you are setting up a new online store and are unsure which domain extension should you use, you can check out our statistics below on which domain extensions are most popular in Latvia (by Hardware stores).

Domain extension Number of stores with domain extension
.com 16
.lv 5
.eu 4
.org 1
.shop 1
.store 1

Hardware Shopify Stores from Latvia with Best Tranco Rank

For estimates of online stores popularity we use research-oriented top sites rankings from Tranco (Tranco research paper). Listed below are some of the most popular Hardware shopify stores from Latvia, according to Tranco Ranks.

Domain Tranco Rank

SEO Difficulty (backlinks) - Distribution of Hardware Shopify Stores with respect to Open Page Rank (measuring SEO difficulty) from Latvia

One of the most important factors for ranking a website on search engines is its backlink profile. We use open-source Open Page Rank as the measure of backlinks strengths of individual domains. Listed below is distribution of online stores over different Open Page Rank intervals. If you want to know which verticals/categories in Latvia are the least difficult ones in terms of backlinks and SEO, please subscribe to our plans.

Open Page Rank interval Number of stores in Open Page Rank interval

Number of products sold by Hardware Shopify Stores in Latvia

An important information about a store is the number of products it sells. In the table below you can find distribution of online stores in terms of the number of products that they offer on their website.

Number of product range Number of stores in product number range
0-50 23
200-250 2
50-100 2
900-950 0
850-900 0
800-850 0
750-800 0
700-750 0
650-700 0
600-650 0
550-600 0
500-550 0
450-500 0
400-450 0
350-400 0
300-350 0
250-300 0
150-200 0
100-150 0

Tranco Rank distribution for Hardware Shopify Stores in Latvia

Tranco Rank is a measure for popularity of websites (for more information see Tranco research). In the table below you can find how many online stores are in different Tranco Rank ranges. If you subscribe to our plans, you can see which Verticals/Categories are most popular for online stores in Latvia.

Tranco Rank range (lower rank is better) Number of stores in Tranco rank range
0-100000 0
100000-200000 0
200000-300000 0
300000-400000 0
400000-500000 0
500000-600000 0
600000-700000 0
700000-800000 0
800000-900000 0
900000-1000000 0