Find similar stores and search stores by category

Find all stores that sell similar products as any online shop from our list of 1+ million online shops.

Search for stores that are top in terms of traffic rank in given category of Google Product Taxonomy.

Used by online stores, suppliers to online stores, ecommerce analytics platforms and many other use cases.

Find stores by similarity of products or by category/vertical

Research your competitors stores or find new customers
Online stores can use our platform to find stores that sell similar products, among more than 1+ million stores that we cover.

By researching your competitors, you can get ideas for new products to sell, compare your own store to competition, see trending products in the last period and much more.

Suppliers to online stores can use our platform to find new top shopify stores in given country to sell their products to by searching for stores that are similar to your existing clients.

Our Advantages

We have researched 1+ million online shops and their products.

We use advanced Natual Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning models to determine similarity between products and based on this, similarity of stores.

We use machine learning models to classify 1+ million online stores into Tier 1/Tier 2 of Google Product Taxonomy, which powers our stores search, based on categories, using python client library for classification.

Shopify Stores Analysis by Country

See detailed and insightful reports on Shopify Stores for each Country

Most popular categories/verticals

See number of Shopify Stores in each category/vertical in country (1000+ categories).

Growth of Shopify Stores

See growth of Shopify Stores in each country, by quarter and cumulatively, for each category/vertical.

Social Media Use

See statistics on social media usage of Shopify Stores in countries, get social media contacts for 1+ million stores.

Most popular Shopify Stores

Using website classification, we provide you with the list of most visited Shopify Stores in each country and in each vertical/category.

Categories analysis of SEO difficulty

We compute the backlink strength of each Shopify Store in each store, and from this estimate the SEO difficulty of country/vertical.

Number of products sold

Our platform shows you how many products/services are sold by each store. We provide some analysis for each country/vertical combination.

Popular domain extensions

Not sure which domain extension to use for your online store? We provide you with the most popular extensions for each country and category combination.


Our platform gives you an insight on typical prices for each online store as well as same data analysis for each country and store category.


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